Quote of the Day – Brion McClanahan (7/2/2012)

In the words of Madison, “Where a majority are united by a common sentiment, and have an opportunity, the rights of the minor party become insecure” – in other words, the founders wanted checks against the tyranny of the majority.  That was why the Founders wanted a republic of separated powers.  While the government was to “be derived from the great body of society, not from an inconsiderable portion or a favored class of it,” the Constitution included a system of indirect appointments, including the Supreme Court, the Electoral College System, and originally, the United States Senate, whose members were appointed by their respective state legislatures.

Brion McClanahan – The Politically Incorrect Guide to The Founding Fathers, pg. 10

[Seriously this book started off fantastically and has so far continue to be more of the same.  I knew I would enjoy it, not just by its title, but by the fact on the first page of chapter one he says,

Please repeat: the United States is not a democracy and was never intended to be a democracy.

The fact we are a republic is one of my personal pet-peeves and I find it nothing more than an expression of ignorance when someone claims we are a democracy.  Further it is disappointing to see further attempts to destroy the checks and balances placed within the system, that exist for the express purpose of protecting the minority, and removing them so that the majority may have their way no matter the cost.

Last week Justice Roberts dealt another blow to checks and balances.  Initially some viewed it as a strategic view and on some level it made sense if you hadn’t really had time to think about it yet.  The more time that passed though the more it just didn’t make sense, but I thought I was maybe just being cynical.  Then today, someone a lot wiser and snarkier said something that illustrated my concern and thoughts weren’t because I was crazy but far from it.

The fact is for the past 225 years, the Supreme Court acted as an extra check for when political powers get out of control.  Now we supposedly are required to suffer the consequences of our political choices?

Why should the few suffer for the choices of the many?  The whole point of our representative form of government was to stop that exact problem from ever happening.  The whole point was that every part would restrain the other, that includes the government restraining the “will of the majority.”

The republic is slowly drifting toward a democracy.  As we all know a democracy is merely two wolves and a sheep getting together to decide who’s for dinner.  Guess who’s the sheep. Where’s the damn gulch? -B]


SSCC #360 – Houston

The officers didn’t see it that way. Shortly after she took up her post, a squad car pulled up to Miss Plummer and an officer grabbed her backpack off her shoulder and began rifling through it.

Then, he handcuffed her and told her she was under arrested for felony obstruction of justice and that she would spent three to five years in jail, at minimum.

So what did this woman do to attract the attention of an officer in such a way to make him so aggravated, quite simple really.

Then, she said, she turned around and wrote ‘Speed Trap!!’ in large letters on a piece of grocery bag to warn oncoming traffic.

Never mess with cops who are generating revenue or otherwise engaging in tax collection penalty collection.  For you see in this day in age, and in all honesty, a penalty is really a tax on something other people disagree with.

Speed, pay an extra tax.  Want to smoke weed, pay an extra tax.  Want to set off explosives, pay an extra tax.  Want a suppressor or SBR, pay and extra tax.  It is possible to continue, however that is unnecessary.  It is well known that the concept of “mens rea” is under attack and the proliferation of victimless crimes.  Each of which could be ruled just the same a penalty tax.

State Sponsored Criminal #360: Officer John Doe

Because a citizen daring to alert her fellow citizens about officers rounding up “sinners” is a bad thing, they can’t let people dare do that, it would cause chaos. 

*I meant for this to go up on Monday but the scheduling failed for what ever reason.

SSCC #358/#359–Chicago

He bashed Luis Cordero Jr. over the head with a revolver over and over, cursing all the while, according to Cordero, his girlfriend and witnesses.

Then it was Cordero’s girlfriend’s turn for terror.

“He put his gun in my mouth and said: ‘You better shut the f— up, bitch, or I’ll blow your brains out,’ ” the girlfriend, Heather Rzany, told the Chicago Sun-Times.

The man with the gun wasn’t a gangbanger, an angry relative or an armed robber.

He was an off-duty Chicago cop, far outside his Englewood district, getting involved in a noise complaint being handled by a private security guard on the Northwest Side, Cordero and Rzany allege. And now he’s being sued for brutality and investigated by the Independent Police Review Authority.

No worries though because this is in a place where despite Heller and McDonald it is still increasingly difficult to obtain a firearm.  So the probability of either of these citizens putting up a fight against this anointed tyrant was nil allowing him to operate without fear.

Now why would I put this in the sponsored count though?  Simple, because of the following:

The lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, accuses an on-duty officer who responded to the beating of letting Gofron walk away — and of failing to document his name, badge number and where he worked.

Yup, it’s handy when your buddies can try and cover for you.  Isn’t Chicago great?

State Sponsored Criminal #358: Chris Gofron

359: Jason Burg

Because being a cop means you can get drunk while carrying a gun and do what ever the hell you want.

Where did she go?

Via my buddy The Learned Sergeant.

I miss her, I barely even got to know her and by the time I met her she was already on life support dying.  Bleeding profusely from everyone taking their entitlements, creating their moral wars on nouns, and ultimately dying from an ignorant public who would rather hear fanciful fairy tails than the painful truth.

Today, something very bad happened.  There is some suspicion the decision was done as one would play a game of chess.  There are some ideas of how it could work out, but it is possible to loose a game of chess if you’re not careful.

All I do know is we are no longer, and haven’t been as of recently, the best country on earth.  There is no place I would rather live, it is my home, but she is being gutted.  Government regulation and restriction has proceeded to destroy industry and innovation.  Entitlement programs have proceeded to kill self-motivation and have become nothing more than legalized theft.

All I saw today was something I loved dearly coughing and hemorrhaging blood.  Showing her mortal wound while all of us hope, pray, and plan to find a way that it may not be mortal.  Hoping we can arrest the fall before it’s too late.  Before there is no choice but to find a new frontier.  One where we can find freedom again.

Quote of the Day–Linoge (06/24/2012)

“Honor” and “integrity” are not what you do when everyone is watching; they are what you do when no one is looking. Our government and those who represent us within it seem to have forgotten that, but apparently the American people, by and large, have not.

Linogewhat is it worth to you?

June 24, 2012

[It is said that power attracts the corrupt and those who lack honor and integrity.  I think we have yet another data point. -B]

Well that explains the blame game.

It appears our shooter had family working for the county. This prevented the local sheriff from prosecuting this nutjob over multiple death threats he’d made, each of which would have made it illegal for him to buy guns. – The Inconvenience

Apparently, the Pima County Sheriff knew about death threats from the shooter but didn’t do anything about them because a family member of Jared Loughner works for the county.

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has been dancing in the blood of the victims and blaming Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and the Tea Party movement, along with others, for the tragedy that took place in Tucson, Arizona on January 8th.  He knew full well that Loughner was very unstable, yet did nothing about it.