Socialism First Hand, A Warning

Now, with his comments about taking away the incentives for success and people losing interest in working hard in mind.  Lets look at another video:

Think about this for a second.  They’re penalizing success and there are large groups of people who instead of working live off of entitlements from the government.  As RobertaX said, we cannot reverse the slope, but we can at least change it to give us some time.  Given time we might be able to reverse it.

The ACA is going to have some serious repercussions that many probably don’t even realize.  Especially in large parts of the voter base that is most likely to support Obama. What am I talking about?  College internships are liable to get screwed.

There is no way a company is going to bother paying for benefits for an intern, doubly so since usually they are on school or their parents healthcare.  So now when you’re working 40 hour weeks in the summer they’ll have to provide care of face a fine.  Well instead they’ll limit you to 29 hour work weeks.

This is significant because during the summer I regularly worked 40+ hour weeks to pull overtime to save up for my upcoming semesters.  Now instead students will have to incur more debt because they will be prevented from earning money to pay for school.  Wait, who is it that subsidizes most of the loans, which are exempt from most laws governing debt, that’s right the government.

That’s right folks, the government passed legislation that will force more people to take loans and pay them interest.  Nice huh?  Don’t worry though, they’re from the government and they’re here to help…

Ultimately though Bill Whittle nails it with this one:

The money quote:

The left has these same failed ideas from about a 20 year window at the end of the 19th century.  That have never worked, don’t work now, and will never work.  And this clinging to an ossified discredited model based on envy and resentment has killed no less than 100 million people.  And many people call this progressive as they cover themselves in glory, but not in the blood or the failure.

It may be the recent history of the 20th century, however I think it’s certainly in the current path of the future for the United States.

You Too Can Have Your Own Desolate Wasteland

In the Fallout game series the premise was nuclear war has rendered most urban zones a total wasteland.  Well, there’s another simpler method to create those urban wastelands.  There’s already one wasteland that exists right here in the US in fact.

Don’t believe me that Detroit is like a waste land, lets look at a picture from Detroit and Chernobyl:

And now for another picture:

Now which one is which folks?  Which picture was taken where?  One was taken in a disaster zone caused by failed socialist policies, the other was taken in a nuclear disaster zone.

Ready?  The first is from Detroit  the second is from Chernobyl.

This is what socialism brings to the people, a wasteland devoid of prosperity and growth.  Remember it the next time someone tells you government is the solution to the problem.

H/T to Kevin on the video.

Quote of the Day – Robb Allen(10/8/2012)

My girls weren’t as into Sesame Street as I was as a kid, but they did enjoy it and I would gladly fork over a few bucks to keep them on the air if it was required. However, I’ll do it voluntarily. Put the tax man’s gun to my head and demand it and suddenly I’ve got no desire for the show to go on.

Robb AllenLet them eat seed
October 8, 2012

[Honestly, go read the whole thing.  It’s amazing the number of people who don’t seem to understand that small numbers do accumulate to a big one.

Sesame Street gets a large amount of support from the public without forcible conscription from the government.  So pardon me if I don’t start crying at the idea of trying to lessen our burden of debt.

Folks, you need to realize something and the sooner the better. We’re broke.  We’re spending more than we’re bringing in and the debt isn’t just our’s, it’s our children’s.  Tell me, how would you like it if instead of getting an inheritance or rather nothing at all, your parents left you 15 years of mortgage payments for a house that was underwater?  Borrowing against your kids future isn’t fair, it isn’t ethical, it’s merely robbing your kids.  You’re signing checks in your kids name, not your own.

I’m became down right angry about when I became old enough to understand the national debt and discovered my share of it.  I hadn’t even started a job yet and there was debt in my name that I honestly never wanted to be a part of.

And for what?  So women like this can have a phone?  So that we can fund shows that could survive on their own through public funding?  So that I can pay for someone to survive that is too lazy to work?  So that ultimately I suffer an extra burden of supporting others and their personal morals so they can feel better about themselves?

Ever last little pet project needs to start being deleted.  You don’t need to just go and attack things that are a large single chunk, you need to cut all the small stuff that adds up.  A million here and a million there, eventually you’re talking very serious money.  It adds up to the tune now of over 16 trillion dollars, which makes the debt for every man woman and child $51,370.

Now the thing is, not everyone pays taxes.  If you’re a taxpayer, your debt burden is $141,142 dollars.  That’s right, our government has spent so much that you could buy a house for what you now owe from them writing checks in your name.

News flash for everyone, yes it’s going to hurt, yes it’s going to suck.  There maybe some things that don’t survive.  But the fact is, total economic collapse is going to be even more painful.  Eventually your bill has to come due, the question is, why is it so many keep on insisting on making it bigger.  Don’t answer that, I already know. -B]

Quote of the Day – Bitter(10/7/2012)

Why is PBS lobbying so hard for taxpayer funds? I know they raise money effectively. I gave during a fundraiser to get @alfieboe tickets.

October 5, 2012

[The answer to this is actually really simple.  PBS while they could fund themselves through private means still wants “free” money from the government.  It makes things that much more cushy.

Government throwing funds at the economy to “stimulate” it, actually has the opposite effect and I will explain what I watched first hand.

Back when they did they started talking about the massive bailout almost immediately utilities put a halt to current projects.  Utilities plan projects years in advance and have the funds to do them.  They froze the projects because they could smell money on the table and ultimately they could use it to improve their bottom line.  When the stimulus was finally passed they then needed to file for the grants.  The way this worked most simply was a dollar for dollar matching scheme to help with equipment retrofits.

So all of that moved at a snails pace through the cogs of government bureaucratic paper. Meanwhile here in reality, planned projects have now been on hold for over 6 months, all because they could smell money on the table.  When funding finally did start rolling in, almost a year after it started to slow down, projects rates looked just like it did prior to the funding push.  What happened was a projects that it merely subsiding what was already planned.  This didn’t have the effect of creating jobs since it’s still the same crews doing the work.  The most entertaining thing though is overall the decrease in output will never be really made up.  Everything the utilities are doing was already planned, this didn’t magically create extra work.  All it did in the end was delay the inevitable.

How’s that for the government “stimulating” the economy?  Still think only the government is capable of solving problems?

This is why PBS is going off the deep end.  They see free money and they want some of it.  -B]

Been There, Done That

I recognize this silence and mood, both from growing up and the recent unemployment in this house.

Found via Kevin

Fearless leader came out yesterday and said that unemployment drastically dropped.  Except that also included some new ways of calculating the numbers.  Except every way I’ve heard of them calculating the numbers is cooking the books.  My wife was "unemployed” for a year and a half, though she didn’t qualify to be counted amongst the unemployed even while trying to find a job.  It’s all done to provide political leverage.  But if we use the same method they’ve been using it provides us a decent window to see what the trend is like.

Shamelessly stolen from Joe, who took it from Tyler Durden,  tell me, can you spot the statistical outlier?


Or how about seasonally adjusted:


If you can’t make sense of the Seasonally Adjusted chart, let me give you a clue.  Which one of these has a swing month to month well beyond any other?  Can you spot it?  I knew you could!  The fact is, employment sucks and here’s a big clue for everyone, government cannot make it better.  Despite the smoke politicians blow up your ass about creating jobs, they can’t create jobs.  There are only two things that government regulations can do, make it more difficult to hire someone or remove money from the pocket of someone who would give you a job.  If anything when they throw money at something it actually tends to have the opposite effect since people want the free money.  More on that bit later.

Everyone keeps looking at the state as being the solution to their problem.  They keep asking what can my government do for me!?  Well if government had its way, it would make you their slave by making you dependent upon them.  From the looks of this lady, they’re succeeding. 

Where did she go?

Via my buddy The Learned Sergeant.

I miss her, I barely even got to know her and by the time I met her she was already on life support dying.  Bleeding profusely from everyone taking their entitlements, creating their moral wars on nouns, and ultimately dying from an ignorant public who would rather hear fanciful fairy tails than the painful truth.

Today, something very bad happened.  There is some suspicion the decision was done as one would play a game of chess.  There are some ideas of how it could work out, but it is possible to loose a game of chess if you’re not careful.

All I do know is we are no longer, and haven’t been as of recently, the best country on earth.  There is no place I would rather live, it is my home, but she is being gutted.  Government regulation and restriction has proceeded to destroy industry and innovation.  Entitlement programs have proceeded to kill self-motivation and have become nothing more than legalized theft.

All I saw today was something I loved dearly coughing and hemorrhaging blood.  Showing her mortal wound while all of us hope, pray, and plan to find a way that it may not be mortal.  Hoping we can arrest the fall before it’s too late.  Before there is no choice but to find a new frontier.  One where we can find freedom again.

Obama seeks to force votes on spending cuts

Isn’t it ironic? Obama wants to force spending cuts on lawmakers, yet he partakes in deficit spending to “help the economy“.

Obama’s National Dept Impact
Upon Inauguration:    $10,626,877,048,913
As of May 21, 2010:    $12,987,796,841,337
Increased by:        $2,360,919,792,424