SSCC California Highway Patrol

No officers have been fired and the acting chief had the following to say:

The public if they get stopped and simply comply with what they are asked to do, they have nothing to fear, nothing to fear at all.

Translation.  Follow orders blindly or suffer violence without cause.  Think about that, do exactly as the officer says or they can kill you.  Think about what that implies and remember if you fight back you’ll be charged with assault. 

When they do it, it’s merely law enforcement, even when force isn’t necessary.

State Sponsored Criminal: Andrew P. Murrill

Because when you’re a cop and you’re bored and someone doesn’t do exactly what you want, beat them to within an inch of their life.

Quote of the Day – Barack Obama (4/17/2013)

The gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill.

Barack Obama – In Response to the Gun Control Vote

April 17th, 2013

[Said like a true politician.

No Mr. Obama, we just don’t take kindly to being lied to, abused, mistreated, and being held responsible for the actions of others.  You and your cohorts tried to pass a bill and we merely read it and told everyone one’s in it.  You can go read in the bill yourself about every statement I’ve made regarding the bill.

You’re upset because you couldn’t pull the wool over our eyes and we fought back.

Lastly Mr. President, what part of “Shall Not Be Infringed” is so hard and difficult for you to understand?-B]

SSCC #567-#568: Irving

CBS-11 has learned two state troopers involved in a controversial roadside cavity search of two North Texas women have been indicted on criminal charges by a Dallas County Grand Jury.

CBS-11 has learned that one of the troopers, Kelley Helleson, who left the courthouse after testifying Friday, is charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of official oppression.

Oh but it gets better folks.

CBS-11 has learned the other trooper in the case, David Farrell, is charged with theft after one of the women said her prescription bottle of the painkiller hydrocodone was missing after the search.

They searched the women in public on the side of an exit ramp.  As an FYI, the officers didn’t find any drugs, further validating that they didn’t really have probable cause.  Nothing says I’m with law enforcement quite like violating someone’s rights under the incorrect misbelief that you just can.

State Sponsored Criminal #567: Kelly Helleson

#568: David Farrel

Because when you’re having a boring night, why not sexually assault two people on the side of the highway.  You’re just trying to fight the war on drugs right?

SSCC #566: Kern County

The victim reported that two deputies went to her home in the Tehachapi area at about 11:00 p.m., to investigate a burglary involving a man who was at her home. 

While speaking to deputies in her home she was handcuffed and led into a room by one of the deputies to be searched.  While being searched she was sexually assaulted by the deputy, according to reports.

Violated not once but twice.  First by the criminal who stole her property and then by the agent of the state sent there to investigate the crime.  This isn’t the first time something like this has happened either.

Not only that but he returned and assaulted her again.

State Sponsored Criminal #566: Gabriel Lopez

Because when a woman reports a crime you can just commit one against her yourself right?

SSCC #561 – #563: Murray County

Former Murray County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Michael Henderson pleaded guilty in federal court today for his role in setting up for arrest a woman who had complained about sexual advances by a local judge, authorities said.

Let me make sure I understand this correctly.  A cop stuck his neck out to protect the behavior of a judge.  Either that judge had covered for the cop before or the cop was known to the judge to be of questionable character.  Except the inquiry answered this question too.

Her complaint sparked a state Judicial Qualification Commission investigation and led to Cochran’s resignation. The investigation also revealed that Cochran was illegally presigning warrants for officers to use.

This is yet another example of how the War on Nouns is used to further abuse and mistreat the law-abiding so they live in fear of those in government.  Next time maybe the woman should just sleep with the judge, then she wont be facing prison right?

State Sponsored Criminal #561: Michael Henderson

#562: Josh Greeson

#563: Bryant Cochran

Because when a judge does something wrong and stupid, the right thing to do is to help him cover it up by framing someone for a crime they didn’t commit.  That’s the law of professional courtesy don’t ya know?

SSCC #557: Knoxville

A Knoxville woman filed a lawsuit against the city of Pittsburgh and a now imprisoned former officer, alleging the man was allowed to continue working for four years even after she filed a complaint against him for soliciting sexual acts from her.

This wasn’t just a one time deal either and it appears they knew about it for a long time.

Skweres was arrested a month later and this week pleaded guilty to all 26 counts against him involving five separate women. Among the most serious counts were charges of attempted rape and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse.

The lawsuit, filed by attorney Alan Perer, alleges that the bureau took no action against Skweres even after complaints were made by Ms. Leonard in 2008 and another victim in 2009. The city also knew that he failed his initial psychological exam, the complaint said.

Aren’t you glad we have men like this who enlist to protect and serve the public.  It’s also nice to see how much the department actually bothered to investigate those seeking positions of authority and their lack of pursuit of information that should raise red flags.

Remember though, we need to put the public through hell to buy a firearm but people like this man and officer ‘roid rage are allowed to work, and continue working despite the evidence they should be fired.

State Sponsored Criminal #557: Adam Skweres

Because when you really need to fill the job, who cares who you hire?  They’re just looking for a good time and wont hurt anyone right?

SSCC #555: Pittsburgh

Remember how I said the following on Friday:

It’s a common thread when a department has problems like this, it’s usually more than just one or two officers but a systemic corruption within the police department.

Well, I must have been clairvoyant because A Girl sent me the following this morning.

Attorneys for former Pittsburgh police Chief Nate Harper say he will plead guilty to charges that he conspired to steal $32,000 in city police funds and failed to file federal tax returns from 2008 to 2011.


It’s no wonder his shining star of a police department has ended up in my count so often as of late.  The first clues were in 2011.

Thank god he got busted but it was his behavior that created the corruption and problems within the department.  He created a band of criminals under him with protection and silent blessing.

State Sponsored Criminal #555: Nate Harper

Because by all means if you’re in the police cheat on your taxes and steal taxpayer money.  You are one of the king’s men after all.

SSCC #542 – Springdale

A Springdale police officer has pleaded guilty to depriving a handcuffed man of his civil rights by using a stun gun.

Prosecutors said 31-year-old Mark E. Thom pleaded guilty Friday. Plea documents said Thom beat and used a stun gun on a handcuffed man in Dec. 2011.

Honestly the taser has done nothing but aid in the use of excessive force by lazy police officers.  As usual the department drug its feet letting the criminal resign to save face.  Unsurprisingly, there is also a previous history of corruption with this officer too.

State Sponsored Criminal #542: Mark E. Thom

Because by all means when someone’s handcuffed use a taser on them.  Nothing says do as I say like interrupting their central nervous system.