SSCC #331 & #332 – LA

Go read the other details of the incident.  This though was the most telling thing about the incident:

“But one thing the second officer said to me right after he took the
cuffs off was,  ‘You know why we did this?  You know why we did this,

Because you’re a bunch of authoritarian tyrants.  He has pending litigation against your department so you proceeded to harass him and threaten him.  Good job fellas on costing the tax payers even more, I just wish it came out of your pocket instead of the public’s.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 331: John Doe

332: John Doe

Because the fact that the public can record us to hold us accountable is a serious problem and scourge.  To battle this scourge we need CCTV cameras on every corner and unmanned drones flying 24/7 monitoring the public!

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