Sexist Pig

After reading the article by Eric Heyl I have come to the conclusion that he has never been in the company of a real woman.  His only exposure to women are from magazines with models airbrushed to perfection.

I am the proud owner of a snubbie revolver for my own personal protection.

The industry is unlikely to successfully tap that market until it conquers the pesky preconceived notions that likely turn off many females to the idea of gun ownership. Women likely won’t consider packing pistols if they are concerned that:

Note: my revolver was a wedding gift, given to me by my husband.

— Spending several hundred dollars on a serviceable handgun might leave them without enough money to get the full treatment at that next visit to the day spa.

I have no problem buying a pistol and I actually have my eye on a Sig P226.  Why would I go to a spa and pay a ridiculous amount of money for something I can do in the comfort of my own home for much less and I could host a “spa” party and just have a grand ol’ time with friends?

— Carrying a gun in a small purse would leave less room for more important items, such as lipstick or compact.

I have a very cute backpack style purse that is specially designed to carry a pistol and allow room for anything else I need.  I find self defense much more important than items of vanity.

— The baggy clothing required to successfully conceal most holsters would make them appear frumpy.

There are actually concealable holsters on the market for women so baggy clothing isn’t necessary.  That is also one of the points of carrying a conceal carry purse.

— Gunpowder residue might stain the new Karen Scott blouse they just bought at Macy’s.

When it comes to self defense, if I have to shoot my gun, I could care less what happens to the clothes I am wearing.  Besides, fabric is washable and replaceable, I cannot replace myself or wash away the after effects of an attack on myself if I am completely defenseless.

— The gunpowder smell when the weapon is fired could totally overwhelm the Chanel they’re wearing.

In my profession, wearing perfume is not recommended as you never know if a client/patient/resident is sensitive to fragrances.  I would rather be unscathed than to care a flying f*** about whether my perfume is being overwhelmed by gunpowder.  Besides, I like to go to CD’s Smokepit and I always have the smell of yummy BBQ lingering on my person by the time I leave.

Not only that but some men find the smell of burnt gun powder arousing and attractive. Certainly not a man of such “high caliber” as Mr. Heyl, only sad lonely depraved men like my husband. Sad lonely men who get to partake in Dr. Joe’s cure all which I’m sure Mr. Heyl has never experienced.

— Most firearm accessories come only in one boring color: black.

Who cares?  As long as its functional.  I prefer black to the pink that is currently on the market for women anyway. But there’s also blue, red, green, and you can have it painted however you like.  It’s nail polish but for your gun.

— Target practice earplugs simply aren’t sexy.

Sexy is a relative term.  There are men that find women very sexy when seen in shooting gear.  Besides, some earplugs are not noticeable and as long as I still have hearing capabilities at the end of the day, I don’t care.

That’s also why god created suppressors.


Besides, if women can’t be sexy while carrying a firearm or holding one, explain this:

She so hawt, even I’d do her.

H/T Breda, Bitter and Joe

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4 Responses to Sexist Pig

  1. Barron Barnett says:

    You chose what you wanted as your wedding gift. You knew it was a firearm but you got to pick.

    To everyone out of the loop, there were serious reason for opting for the snubbie. It was not the stereotypical dick move many do.

  2. SayUncle says:

    Always weirds me out seeing my house on the internet.

    • Barron Barnett says:

      My house was going to join yours in the world of Oleg, but he just canceled his trip out here for Boomershoot. He’s going to try and make it out in September.

      I was looking forward to seeing him again. It was a blast having him out here last year.


  3. just a helpful hint | says:

    […] down to “women do not own guns because they are icky”.  In relatively short order, firearm owners, of both genders, served him his nether regions on a silver platter, pointing out the despicable […]