SSCC Honorable Mention–San Diego PD

… Sgt. Dan Cerar’s frequent reference to victims of crimes as “whores, sluts, and liars;” exclusion of female detectives from the male “dress down” Thursday shooting practice; … the patter and practice by male detectives (Fletes and Hershman) of referring to female detectives as “sugar tits” and/or commenting on the “racks” of female victims, co-workers, and advocates; reference by Lt. Rick O’Hanlon that the Sex Crimes unit has a “chromosome problem”…

So if you don’t feel like reading all 12 pages of the complaint, the above is just one of the shining examples of the issues within the San Diego PD.  What I find most disturbing is that this was in the Sex Crimes unit.

These individuals have absolutely no respect for women, and I wouldn’t doubt that each of these beer swilling, crotch rotting, roid raging,  jocks regularly abused and mistreated women while they were in college.  I don’t see how anyone like that should be in law enforcement at all, much less in direct contact with people who will have gone through some of the worst mental trauma imaginable.

Seriously I want to continue the rant but the rage is just too much.

The names getting the honorable mention:

  • Sgt. Dan Cerar
  • Det. Carl Hershman
  • Det. Edward Fletes
  • Lt. Rick O’Hanlon

Because when a woman is raped it’s totally her fault and the dress she was wearing.  It’s true because the cop said so!

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2 Responses to SSCC Honorable Mention–San Diego PD

  1. Yahoo1 says:

    Do not speak unless you know it’s true. You do not know that the people charging these detectives are telling the truth. Do not assume you know the truth when you do not.

    • If you notice they have been placed as a honorable mention.  They are not officially placed on the count.

      Their actions in this case do not warrant inclusion in the count but their behavior does.  If you have evidence and information that would aid in providing reasonable doubt as to the actions of these officers please do.  I have absolutely no issues whatsoever providing updated information as it becomes available.

      I do however have a problem with people coming in and telling me something is untrue providing no evidence to prove their stance.  I have provided citations to the court filing which cited evidence.  You have cited nothing and appear to be reacting based on feelings.

      As your reaction is based on feelings I must assume that somehow you are related or know the officers in question and are allowing that to cloud your judgement.  Feelings are NOT facts.