SSCC #105-110, Detroit PD

A former suburban Detroit police chief, his wife and five police officers have been charged with stealing drug-forfeiture money and using it to buy marijuana, booze, prostitutes and a tanning salon, The Detroit Free Press reports.

Basically the chief and his officers used material confiscated from others to fund their own personal lives.  It didn’t belong to the state, it belonged to them because they were the one’s who took it.  Besides if we doctor the sheets here and there no one would ever find out right?

Seriously forfeiture laws do nothing but provide extra leeway for the corruption of government.  A friend brings drugs over to your house without you knowing and sells to someone else?  Congrats the feds can now confiscate your house.  It’s one thing to require illegal material to be forfeited, legal property is something completely different.  While it might make since to recover stolen property or funds, again the state isn’t maintaining ownership there after.

State Sponsored Criminal Count: 110

  • Former Chief Michael St. Andre
  • Det. Sgt. Richard Balzer
  • Det. Richard Landry
  • Det. Donald Hopkins
  • Det. Jeremy Channells
  • Det. Larry Droege

Because the reason the law is here is to make criminals of the law abiding so that the state and it’s employees can benefit of the work of others

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