Quote of the Day – SayUncle (09/28/2011)

Ok, Sparky, look here. I’ll ignore the whole subverting the nature of the republic aspect of your stupid statement and address the reality:
Congress is pretty much why the country is in the economic shitter. Letting them run loose and even more unaccountable is like trusting the pyromaniac 8 year-old up the street to watch your collection of gas cans
and fireworks.

But it was progressives…SayUncle

[Unc nailed this issue right on the head with that analogy.  My instincts yesterday did one that was similar.  Because why would you want to leave a cocaine addicted hooker watching your stash of Bolivian Marching Powder while you went out of a smoke?

The progressives are claiming that this was a joke, I find it anything but.  Why else would you make a statement like that, that logically makes absolutely no sense?  The kids are currently throwing a tantrum in a candy store trying to break open and steal more candy.  Who in their right mind thinks that is a good time to hand them a bat and then walk away leaving them unsupervised and without recourse for discipline?

I seriously hope the people of North Carolina throw that want to be dictator to the freaking curb.  We live in a Republic, not a democracy, not a dictatorship.  We elect people to represent us, if you can’t understand that, you shouldn’t be a representative. Then again most representatives currently only represent the people who voted for them ignoring the rights of the smallest minority, the individual.  -B]

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