We Warned Them

Not only did we warn them, but we even did a video public service announcement about the problem.  Apparently they didn’t get the memo.

We was at the vigil holding candles and stuff and grieving”, recalls
Meech Jackson, a friend of Smith’s. “When we heard some shots. I left.
People scattered after that.”

As said by Don Wood, “Candles don’t stop violence.”

It is a shame, not only for the first victim that was lost, but the additional victims created by this act of violence.  I find it most probable the people in that gathering were not armed.  Doubly so since they think there is strength in numbers.  However holding a candle while discussing the scourge that is guns on society just labels you as an unarmed potential victim.

If you missed our public service announcement, here it is again.

via Kurt Hoffman

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