Quote of the Day -Jay G (4/24/2012)

“You carry a gun every day?” they ask incredulously? “You wear your
seatbelt every day?” I reply. It’s safety equipment – you don’t turn off
your smoke detectors because you don’t think you’ll have a fire today,
right? I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me; admitting that there is evil
in this world that can and often does strike at the vulnerable makes
folks uncomfortable, so they try to forget it exists and mock those few
that prepare for it.

JayGWhy Do You Carry A Gun?

April 23, 2012

[This fits my philosophy on the subject quite well.  I carry my gun for the unexpected.  A pistol is for the fight you don’t know is coming.  If I knew a fight was coming, I’d be grabbing my rifle.  It’s amazing how many people don’t seem to be able to connect the dot on the correlation with the above examples.  They’ll use their seat belt, they’ll make sure their smoke detectors are functional, but when it comes to carrying a defensive arm, that would never be needed.

I often will reply with, “do you have a fire extinguisher?”  Or “of course I do, have you tried carrying a cop around all day?”

The thing is, many of the bad things in life are statistically unlikely, it doesn’t mean that we should be ready in case we’re the poor bastard that pulled the wrong lotto ticket that morning. -B]

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