So That’s What It Looks Like…

From the right front seat of an EA-6B.  As this route is out of the PNW, WA to be exact, I’m reasonably sure my dad probably saw it first hand.

Been There, Done That

I recognize this silence and mood, both from growing up and the recent unemployment in this house.

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Fearless leader came out yesterday and said that unemployment drastically dropped.  Except that also included some new ways of calculating the numbers.  Except every way I’ve heard of them calculating the numbers is cooking the books.  My wife was "unemployed” for a year and a half, though she didn’t qualify to be counted amongst the unemployed even while trying to find a job.  It’s all done to provide political leverage.  But if we use the same method they’ve been using it provides us a decent window to see what the trend is like.

Shamelessly stolen from Joe, who took it from Tyler Durden,  tell me, can you spot the statistical outlier?


Or how about seasonally adjusted:


If you can’t make sense of the Seasonally Adjusted chart, let me give you a clue.  Which one of these has a swing month to month well beyond any other?  Can you spot it?  I knew you could!  The fact is, employment sucks and here’s a big clue for everyone, government cannot make it better.  Despite the smoke politicians blow up your ass about creating jobs, they can’t create jobs.  There are only two things that government regulations can do, make it more difficult to hire someone or remove money from the pocket of someone who would give you a job.  If anything when they throw money at something it actually tends to have the opposite effect since people want the free money.  More on that bit later.

Everyone keeps looking at the state as being the solution to their problem.  They keep asking what can my government do for me!?  Well if government had its way, it would make you their slave by making you dependent upon them.  From the looks of this lady, they’re succeeding. 

Today’s Zombie Educational Video

Glove and Boot’s is down right hilarious.  Don’t believe me, here’s their PSA on Vertical Video Syndrome.

Remember, say no to vertical videos.  And if you see a zombie, shoot them in the face!

SSCC #422-424: New Jersey

Three teachers and two administrators at a New Jersey high school were arrested Thursday on charges stemming from allegations that the teachers had sexual relationships with students and that administrators covered it up.

What is most disheartening about this case is not just the crimes themselves, but the following:

Faulk said neither administrator contacted authorities. Both were charged with official misconduct.

Faulk said DePaul later said she wished she had been more concerned for the students than the teachers.

Also nothing quite says you’re serious about cracking down on bad behavior than just suspending them instead of firing them.

I’m wanting to go full Jay G right now and can’t.

State Sponsored Criminal #422: Dan Michielli
#423: Nick Martinelli
#424: Jeff Logandro

Honorable mentions for the enabling administrators:

Principal Catherine DePaul and Assistant Principal Jernee Kollock

Because the job of school administrators is to make sure that instructors can use their position to their greatest advantage.

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Quote of the Day – Spencer Ackerman(10/4/2012)

The Department of Homeland Security compiled and disseminated the following information as part of a post-9/11 partnership with state and local law enforcement to prevent terrorism: DHS doesn’t appear to care how it spends its cash. The Senate inquiry determined that DHS was “unable to produce a complete and accurate tally of the expense of its support for fusion centers.” Its estimates range between $289 million and $1.4 billion. In other words, DHS doesn’t even know how much money it’s spent on what it calls a centerpiece of its counterterrorism strategy.

Spencer Ackerman – DHS Counterterror Centers Produce ‘a Bunch of Crap,’ Senate Finds
October 2, 2012

[Well, when you know and realize that the TSA, and by proxy it’s parent the DHS is a complete and utter security theater the above is kind of obvious.

Besides it’s not their money they’re spending, it’s our money, well at least the money earned by 53% of us. Why should they worry about how much they spend.  They can just tax us for more right? -B]

Denial – The first stage of grief…

So evidently our “opponents” went into total meltdown mode last night.  But the serious denial moment was capturedby Days of Our Trailers.

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How is that for complete and utter denial?  They were in such an alternate reality or so lost in their own delusions of self-worth, that they added something in before it even happened.  Have no fear though because when they got caught with their fly down, they did what they always do and scrubbed it clean.

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Now I’m trying to document as our opponents as they traverse the stages of grief.  It is worth noting that everyone goes through it much differently.  Some will quickly transition through different parts of the stages of grief.

It is obvious that many are in denial, some have expressed anger.  Next up is bargaining. As I have said before, there will be no bargaining, we have done it before and at this point I will give no quarter.  The sooner they transition to acceptance of the death of their bigoted views, the better.

It is known how our opponents fantasize about violence and the like.  As many of them transition in to anger, be on the lookout for outbursts.  If you see any, please send them my way.  I’m going to tag all of them as “Grief of the Anti-Gunners”.  I will take some time here soon and tag older posts that tie into it as well.

Their meltdown is going to be long and spectacular.  We should at least congregate and note the highlight moments.

SSCC #420 – New Orleans

Seriously I didn’t not plan for this in advance, the number and crime are purely coincidental.

Assistant city attorney Jason Cantrell was issued a summons after he dropped a joint while talking to a police officer in Orleans Parish Criminal District Court.

Cantrell, 43, was cited for simple drug possession and released under a city policy for low-level marijuana cases, according to police.  

Now while apparently the law was followed in this case, there is a reason I’m placing this under the criminal count.

Cantrell has practiced civil and criminal law in New Orleans for 17 years, including six as a public defender in Juvenile Court. In an ironic twist, the 43-year-old also worked as a drug court attorney.

(Emphasis mine.)  While it does seem that most of the work may have been on the defense side instead of the prosecution, he still was a city employee.  Charged with enforcing and upholding the law.

Now he has promptly resigned and the punishment matches what the rest of the public should see in that municipality if the article is to be believed.  Still, this fits perfectly with the, “Laws for thee, not for me” tag.

State Sponsored Criminal #420: Jason Cantrell

Because laws only apply to the lowly peons.  Those who work for the king are allowed to have any noun they want.

h/t Dave Hardy.

SSCC #419–Powell

Kirk B. Chapman is facing a count of third-degree sexual assault, which alleges he used his position of authority as a police officer to get a Powell woman to submit to sexual contact last September. According to charging documents filed in the case, the woman alleges Chapman touched her genitals, rubbed his groin on her rear end and kissed her after stopping by her residence early one morning under the auspices of checking to make sure she was all right.

Have no fear though, the law enforcement office involved reacted as they all normally do.

In a Wednesday interview, Powell Police Chief Roy Eckerdt said that after the department was made aware of the allegations last year, Chapman was placed on administrative leave while investigations were pending. Eckerdt said Chapman did not return to duty before resigning in November. Eckerdt would not comment further — including on the findings of an internal investigation — saying it was a personnel matter confidential under state law.

Nothing says, son you did wrong, like giving them a paid vacation and letting them resign to save their career.

State Sponsored Criminal #419: Kirk B. Chapman

Because when you’re a cop and you see a woman you fancy, you can evidently do whatever the hell you want.  Just do your best to make sure you don’t get caught.