Quote of the Day – A Girl and Her Gun(10/11/2012)

To be honest I don’t give a flying flip about what I should be able to do or what is fair or any false ideal of not giving the bad guy power. I really only care about what I can do to create a world where I have the best possible chance of A. Avoiding a bad guy situation and B. Surviving it should that not be possible.

(Emphasis Mine) A Girl and Her Gun – Right In Your Own Backyard
October 11, 2012

[That folks is exactly what it is we’re fighting for.  Our opponents often try to twist the truth, as if some how everyone is going to be forced to be given a gun.  In reality we want only the choice of the tools at our disposal for option A and B.

While some would say that carrying a firearm doesn’t fall into the option A realm, I beg to differ.  There are many incidents where there isn’t even a shot fired to end the encounter.  My parents both had experiences where it the threat was enough to unconceal.   At the immediate presence of the firearm, the aggressors immediately altered their tune.  Not to mention incidents like this.

The fact is carrying a firearm is a choice, it’s a choice that the anti-rights cultists wish we didn’t have.  They would rather we live in their world of fear and dependence than stand up independent and strong.  That is the exact difference between the pro-rights and anti-rights communities.

Next time someone says you shouldn’t be carrying a gun, ask them, “Why do you want to force people into being a victim?  Do you like criminals? Why are you forcing your choices on others?” We know how the attitudes of the cultists make me feel, especially when I hear about people who were made to be a victim in criminal protection zones.  They may not have chosen to carry, but ultimately they had that choice made for them anyway, and it makes me very angry.

Interestingly though, as angry as I get, unlike our opponents, I don’t get violent or wish violence upon others. -B]

Remember, She Can and Probably Does Vote…

Honestly I hope this is a joke, but I don’t think it was.  Also worthy of rememberence is not only the fact that she can vote, but she’s also probably reproducing.

h/t To the Wife on this one.

SSCC #428 – Harris County

There’s a bunch involved in this one and I am too lazy to go try to count them all up.

The firings include four civilian detention officers and take to six the number of employees who have been fired in the investigation that began in August 2011, Garcia said. Earlier this year, another deputy was indicted in the case, then fired.

The allegations involve sexual misconduct between jail staff and other employees as well as between jailers and inmates.

Of note for why I have put it in the count.

So far, former Harris County sheriff’s Deputy Tony Richards is the only jailer to face criminal charges in the sexual misconduct case.

At least the Sheriff is pouncing and acting instead of just dragging his feet. I applaud him for taking the imitative.

“The ugly truth is that the misconduct involved the failure to take action as supervisors, and sexual misconduct between employees—or with inmates,” said Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

As it was supervisors who also failed to act, this one goes in the count.

State Sponsored Criminal #428: Tony Richards and Company

Because when you’re a prison guard, you can do whatever you want right?  Your word is law after all!

Not a Friend to Gun Rights…

We’ve said this for a while but every once in a while someone bats for Obama saying how he hasn’t done anything against gun rights, much less said he would do anything to infringe on the Second Amendment.   Still think Obama is all sunshine and unicorn farts when it comes to the Second Amendment?

Well, a serious hat tip to Dave Hardy on this one, here it is right out of the horse’s mouth.

Address Gun Violence in Cities: Obama and Biden would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade. Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals. They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof. They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent.

(Emphasis mine.)  And just to make sure it doesn’t go down the memory hole, here’s a screen shot of the entire page as of 1330 PDT October 10th, 2012.

Remember these facts when going to the polls or talking with others.  He is not a supporter of the Second Amendment and if he had his way personal ownership of firearms would be outlawed tomorrow.

Lets not even get started on the Fast and Furious debacle either.  As always, vote out the incumbents.

You Too Can Have Your Own Desolate Wasteland

In the Fallout game series the premise was nuclear war has rendered most urban zones a total wasteland.  Well, there’s another simpler method to create those urban wastelands.  There’s already one wasteland that exists right here in the US in fact.

Don’t believe me that Detroit is like a waste land, lets look at a picture from Detroit and Chernobyl:

And now for another picture:

Now which one is which folks?  Which picture was taken where?  One was taken in a disaster zone caused by failed socialist policies, the other was taken in a nuclear disaster zone.

Ready?  The first is from Detroit  the second is from Chernobyl.

This is what socialism brings to the people, a wasteland devoid of prosperity and growth.  Remember it the next time someone tells you government is the solution to the problem.

H/T to Kevin on the video.

Quote of the Day – Scott Greenfield(10/10/2012)

Because of this, all the other safeguards of the criminal justice system kicked in, from due process to double jeopardy.  People at HuffPo and Boing Boing usually like these aspects of the law, except when they don’t. Then they become technicalities and produce injustice, because the outcome doesn’t comport with their sensibilities. Rape is one of the sacred cow crimes, and no law should get in the way of conviction.

It’s all about outcome?  As Ken at Popehat points out, people across the political spectrum pick their positions based on outcomes, just different ones.  It’s not about thinking, but feeling.  The law, however,isn’t about feeling.

(Emphasis mine.) Scott GreenfieldThe Future Of Law and The Fool’s Utopia, Rape Edition
October 10, 2012

[I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  There is no correlation between the law and justice!  Seriously folks, realize this right here and now.  The point of the law is not just to convict the guilty but to protect the innocent from the power and wrath of the state.

In the end we hope that the law will give some form of justice.  However it is also up to the players within the system to aid in that outcome.  The prosecution in this case clearly screwed up and charged this person with the wrong crime.

Am I sad that this monster is getting away with the actual crime he did?  You bet your ass. Am I angry at the legal system and think it failed?  Yes and no.  I am angry at the prosecutor for doing a piss poor job, I am not however upset that the rest of the system worked as it should to protect the defendant.

The thing to understand is you cannot have your cake and eat it.  While one wants to both protect the innocent and convict the guilty, concessions must be made to protect the innocent.  In doing so the possibility for error can allow the guilty to go free.

This isn’t a bug folks, it’s a feature.  A feature that as Scott points out are more than happy to be cheered about by the same people who now condemn it when they feel it was wrong.

Popehat also put this quite well:

If we’re going to defend rights — if we’re not going to let them be chipped away, bit by bit, in cases involving rape or terrorism or anything else that engenders strong feelings — then we’re going to have to be ready to be called terrorist-sympathizers and un-American and even rape apologists by the likes of Antinous. But I can’t think of any earthly reason why we can’t inform these people that they’re full of shit.

Because folks, that’s how they do it.  They invoke emotion and claim necessity.  Some of us are patient, calm, and rational enough to think the whole problem through.  Most however would prefer we just “do something” because doing something is better than nothing.  Except sometimes doing nothing is actually the best thing to do because someone just screwed the pooch.

More power and depredation of rights is never a solution. -B]


Earworm Wednesday – 10/10/2012

Yes, if this plays while I’m in the boat the throttle does keep going further forward… usually to the stop.

Non-Point – In The Air Tonight

SSCC #427 – DEA, BATFEieio

The nation’s top drug and gun enforcement agencies do not track how often they give their informants permission to break the law on the government’s behalf.

U.S. Justice Department rules put strict limits on when and how agents at the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives can authorize their informants — often drawn from the ranks of the criminals they are investigating — to commit a crime. But both the ATFand DEA acknowledged, in response to open-records requests and in written statements, that they do not track how often such permission is given.

(Emphasis mine.) When you see it written like that, it reads as the definition of a State Sponsored Criminal now doesn’t it?

State Sponsored Criminal #427: The Feds

Because if you want to get a crime, just ask the government for permission first.  If you have to sweeten the deal by squealing on your compatriots.  No honor among thieves you know.