Boomershoot Volume #1

Just got an email from Ari at ESS that Volume #1 of the Boomershoot series has gone live.  See, I knew there was more.

It appears that they will be releasing the other 4 videos, one a week at 0600 Wednesdays.  I shall post them as I see them.  Their blog post on Boomershoot can be seen here.

Concealed Carry on Campus

Both the University of Idaho and Washington State University forbid concealed carry on campus.  Luckily the ban at WSU doesn’t have any teeth in that all they can do is ask you to leave at which point if you refuse you’ll be trespassed.  Students and faculty though can face administrative punishment however.  I do not remember the exact details regarding carry at the University of Idaho.

I bring this up because so often I hear the following phrase, “Why would you need a gun on campus?”  Well maybe you live in the dorms or university housing.  Maybe you have a night class and will have to walk across campus in the dark.  Ultimately though people seem to think that bad things never happen on campus.  Reality always has a habit of showing up though.

Moscow Police arrested a man Sunday for the alleged rape of a University of Idaho student on the Moscow campus.

Nothing says stop faster than a hunk of lead flying at 900 fps.  Bad things happen everywhere, even college campuses.  Even more than that, it isn’t always the random person you don’t know.

“The victim knew the suspect from working with him in Twin Falls at a restaurant, so they were acquainted, but on a friendship level only,” said Chief of Police David Duke.

It’s best that we all remember these things can and do happen.  If you can, support Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, the fight is a significant and real one.  I wore an empty holster on to campus on more than one occasion specifically in support.  The one debate that I saw occur on campus ended squarely in favor for campus carry.

The thing is, at least with WSU, the board of regents will not move to change the administrative code and the only way you can bring about a legal challenge is if they exercise the code against you.  For this reason, many of my friends followed the rule of better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.  Not everyone is so willing to do that though.  Then again, when the building you work in has been attacked by ALF, your desire to survive should they return usually wins.

Though the school would prefer you to be disarmed to be easy prey.  It’s not like it’s their life that’s on the line though.  It’s like the government and politicians only care about criminals, not the law-abiding.

Quote of the Day – Joe Huffman(10/9/2012)

I think it’s doable. Won’t you help make my dream come true? It’s for the children.

Joe Huffman – The clock is ticking
October 8th, 2012

[It’s a worthy dream and important for the children of the future. Remember every time we create a smile like this:

Sarah Brady cries and they continue their decent into political irrelevancy.  Wont you think of the children and help throw a group of bigots into the dust bin of history.

Think about it, a generation who’s only knowledge of the Brady Campaign and CSGV will be that there is evil in the world that must be watched for and even if it’s found, it can be destroyed.

Donate, become active, continue the push.  Honestly I want to be able to buy a suppressor in the next 5 years and not have to wait for a year for a “stamp” so I can merely own a piece of safety equipment.  I think that is certainly within the realm of possibility.

Again, do it for the children.  Sarah Brady’s tears are just a bonus, a sweet, sweet bonus. -B]

SSCC #426–West Palm Beach

Before he or his mother, Cynthia Miller, could figure out why Boynton Beach police officer Michael Arco was so concerned about a man sitting in his own car in front of his own house, Andrews was in a choke hold with his arm twisted behind his back and she was slammed to the ground, according to a lawsuit alleging false arrest filed Sunday against the city in U.S. District Court.

Boy, to get that kind of treatment he must of done something really bad.

“No probable cause existed for the seizure and arrest of (Miller and Andrews) for any offense whatsoever,” attorney W. Craig Lawson wrote in the lawsuit. “No reasonable suspicion, no founded suspicion, and no articulable suspicion of criminal activity existed.”

Now before you completely dismiss it, note no charges were ever filed against the mother.  The charges against the son were merely resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, both of which were dropped.  Both of those charges are often referred to as “contempt of cop”.  But most note worthy is the following:

The same can’t be said of Arco. The 27-year-old resigned from the Boynton Beach Police Department last year after he was charged with official misconduct and perjury after prosecutors said he and another officer falsified a report that purported to explain how they entered a motel room in November 2010 to arrest an armed robbery suspect. The case against the robbery suspect was thrown out. The charges against Arco, who was disciplined several times by supervisors before he resigned, are still pending.

Rarely do bad cops ever just do it once.  No they’re allowed to continue abusing the citizens till their actions are so egregious that it could cost someone an elected position.  The response at that point is to merely let him resign.

State Sponsored Criminal #426: Michael Arco

Because when you see someone sitting in a car in their drive way, throw them on the ground and arrest them.  Just make it up as you go along, your partner will always back you up.

Quote of the Day – Robb Allen(10/8/2012)

My girls weren’t as into Sesame Street as I was as a kid, but they did enjoy it and I would gladly fork over a few bucks to keep them on the air if it was required. However, I’ll do it voluntarily. Put the tax man’s gun to my head and demand it and suddenly I’ve got no desire for the show to go on.

Robb AllenLet them eat seed
October 8, 2012

[Honestly, go read the whole thing.  It’s amazing the number of people who don’t seem to understand that small numbers do accumulate to a big one.

Sesame Street gets a large amount of support from the public without forcible conscription from the government.  So pardon me if I don’t start crying at the idea of trying to lessen our burden of debt.

Folks, you need to realize something and the sooner the better. We’re broke.  We’re spending more than we’re bringing in and the debt isn’t just our’s, it’s our children’s.  Tell me, how would you like it if instead of getting an inheritance or rather nothing at all, your parents left you 15 years of mortgage payments for a house that was underwater?  Borrowing against your kids future isn’t fair, it isn’t ethical, it’s merely robbing your kids.  You’re signing checks in your kids name, not your own.

I’m became down right angry about when I became old enough to understand the national debt and discovered my share of it.  I hadn’t even started a job yet and there was debt in my name that I honestly never wanted to be a part of.

And for what?  So women like this can have a phone?  So that we can fund shows that could survive on their own through public funding?  So that I can pay for someone to survive that is too lazy to work?  So that ultimately I suffer an extra burden of supporting others and their personal morals so they can feel better about themselves?

Ever last little pet project needs to start being deleted.  You don’t need to just go and attack things that are a large single chunk, you need to cut all the small stuff that adds up.  A million here and a million there, eventually you’re talking very serious money.  It adds up to the tune now of over 16 trillion dollars, which makes the debt for every man woman and child $51,370.

Now the thing is, not everyone pays taxes.  If you’re a taxpayer, your debt burden is $141,142 dollars.  That’s right, our government has spent so much that you could buy a house for what you now owe from them writing checks in your name.

News flash for everyone, yes it’s going to hurt, yes it’s going to suck.  There maybe some things that don’t survive.  But the fact is, total economic collapse is going to be even more painful.  Eventually your bill has to come due, the question is, why is it so many keep on insisting on making it bigger.  Don’t answer that, I already know. -B]


There’s a reason this happened in NYC.

An unarmed Army National Guardsman was pulled over on a Queens highway and shot to death by an NYPD officer from an elite unit today — and the DA now is probing the incident that the victim’s friend is calling a case of police “road rage.”

Noel Polanco, 22, had his hands on the steering wheel of his 2012 Honda Fit moments before Detective Hassan Hamdy shot him once in the torso, a woman sitting in the front passenger seat told police, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said.

Reading the article it appears the officer had no reason to treat the stop as a felony stop.  He then broke two rules obviously and put a round into the driver.  Yup, still think the cops are out to protect and serve.  They’re out to merely protect their own ass if they’re protecting anyone.

Odds are the officer won’t be fired and if anything will receive “training”.  I have a feeling the training is really, “How to frame the situation better in your favor.”

The reason I say it happened in NYC, is here in free America they would be afraid of people in the car being armed and shooting back after the first shot.

State Sponsored Criminal #425:  Hassan Hamdy

Because if you’re a cop and someone cuts you off, pull him over and shoot him.  If anyone asks what happened say he shot himself!*

*Yes, read the article, the officer told his friends that the driver shot himself…

Quote of the Day – Oleg Volk(10/7/2012)

Farago thing has the manners and the airs of a syphilitic skunk and I am surprised that anyone takes him the least bit seriously.

Oleg VolkComment to Is “The Truth About Guns” Killing Gun Blogging?
October 7, 2012

[Honestly when this last flare up with the idiot happened it didn’t surprise me.  Especially since this man lives off of drama.  If you don’t know who I’m talking about or exactly what is going on, consider yourself lucky.

The individual in question is probably best exemplified by the quote from Oleg above.  I’m sad that Emily Miller who has been nothing but a jewel to this community was abused by this particular individual in an effort to stir up further drama.  Especially immediately after receiving an award for “defending freedom”.  Yeah, attack the person doing more than anyone in probably one of the most hostile places in the country.  That’s a great way to show your true feelings.

Then again, he also did attack Oleg before as well.  Again, what a great way for him to prove his true colors. -B]

Quote of the Day – Bitter(10/7/2012)

Why is PBS lobbying so hard for taxpayer funds? I know they raise money effectively. I gave during a fundraiser to get @alfieboe tickets.

October 5, 2012

[The answer to this is actually really simple.  PBS while they could fund themselves through private means still wants “free” money from the government.  It makes things that much more cushy.

Government throwing funds at the economy to “stimulate” it, actually has the opposite effect and I will explain what I watched first hand.

Back when they did they started talking about the massive bailout almost immediately utilities put a halt to current projects.  Utilities plan projects years in advance and have the funds to do them.  They froze the projects because they could smell money on the table and ultimately they could use it to improve their bottom line.  When the stimulus was finally passed they then needed to file for the grants.  The way this worked most simply was a dollar for dollar matching scheme to help with equipment retrofits.

So all of that moved at a snails pace through the cogs of government bureaucratic paper. Meanwhile here in reality, planned projects have now been on hold for over 6 months, all because they could smell money on the table.  When funding finally did start rolling in, almost a year after it started to slow down, projects rates looked just like it did prior to the funding push.  What happened was a projects that it merely subsiding what was already planned.  This didn’t have the effect of creating jobs since it’s still the same crews doing the work.  The most entertaining thing though is overall the decrease in output will never be really made up.  Everything the utilities are doing was already planned, this didn’t magically create extra work.  All it did in the end was delay the inevitable.

How’s that for the government “stimulating” the economy?  Still think only the government is capable of solving problems?

This is why PBS is going off the deep end.  They see free money and they want some of it.  -B]