Smoking Blunder Out Does Smoke and Thunder

So early this afternoon my inbox started exploding with more about the current “Drama Llama”.  Normally I’d just continue ignoring the whole thing as I’ve done since the last post, but this was just too good.  Linoge posted it, then Weer’d, Evyl Robot, Jennifer, and then Only Guns and Money.  All I can say is this guy must have really done something because there’s a lot of detail in it.  Either that or there was a group working on it, like some sort of conspiracy.  Who knows, like Law Dog, I don’t hate the guy, I don’t care two shits about him, though I would say I know he’s probably going to get pissy over this.

So without further ado, here is Smoking Blunder, not to be confused with Smoke and Thunder Chunder.


I applaud this individual on his attention to detail as he even recreated the redirect issue that was discovered yesterday.  The 404 redirect for Smoking Blunder is classic.


There are details spread throughout the site making fun of, what has to be the dumbest person on the planet, the Administrator Smoke and Chunder.  I’m sure in one way or another the idiot is going to blame me for this, just like he blamed me for someone making a profile of his own site.  The thing to remember about gun bloggers is this, they’re smart and they’re usually the opposite of inept when it comes to technology.

Anonymity only gets you so far and I’m sure there’s probably a bunch of people inquisitive enough to figure out exactly who this guy is.  I will say my wife would like to drill two nails through his testicals with a rope tied to each side that’s attached to a cinder block.  She then wants to shove that cinder block off a ledge into the ocean.  He can drown or sacrifice his nuts, his choice.  If you’re wondering why, here’s why.  Not to mention we have two friends that Oleg has taken pictures of too.  Erin’s response was classic though:

So just to be clear, you’re asking me to allow my pink pony to frolic in your mudhole? Because that’s what I think when J. Random Netguy asks me to “back channel” him.

I’ll back channel you, baby. Good and hard. Unf unf unf.

I wonder how bad his meltdown is going to be from this one.  Especially since this time around he can’t stop the signal on his profile.

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2 Responses to Smoking Blunder Out Does Smoke and Thunder

  1. Old_NFO says:

    I was on the sidelines (more or less) and 14 hours out of sync so I missed all the fun, but THAT is a great one!!!