SSCC #308 – Houston

A Montgomery County sheriff’s deputy is accused of
using his badge and gun to force a repo man to give him his wife’s truck

The upshot of being a cop is you can use your “authoritah” to intimidate people into letting you get away with things no one else would.  Even better is that your brothers in arms will help you in the process.

The wrecker driver says he pulled into a parking lot at the
jail to call the sheriff’s office and report the repossession, a routine
procedure. Seconds after he drove away, Huff said three cars pulled up
alongside him, boxing in his wrecker. The cars were unmarked, the men in
civilian clothes, but Huff says they all had guns pointing right at

Isn’t it nice they were threatening lethal force to further intimidate this man who was merely doing his job?

State Sponsored Criminal Count 308: Keith Winford

Because the only people who have to make their payments on time are those who don’t work for law enforcement.  LEOs are exempt from paying their bills.

Via Uncle.

SSCC #307 – TSA

This is by no means the first incident of a TSA agent doing this, and it certainly will not be the last.

Cops snared 55 Massachusetts men in a sweeping, multi-agency child
pornography crackdown — including a Transportation Security
Administration officer assigned to Logan International Airport who is
just the latest embarrassment for the troubled federal agency.

Remember though, they’re just abusing you, your family, and you’re children for the safety of everyone.  Never mind the fact that the TSA wouldn’t stop anyone actually intent on bringing down an airplane.  No the whole point is to trash our liberties and freedoms and empower a bunch of criminals to lord over us.

This man I have no doubt got a job as a TSA agent because it gave him access to victims who were unable to refuse and it rendered their parents defenseless.  Again, I have to ask myself why it is I restrain myself from doing violence to people like this.  Oh that’s right I’m better than that and I have to have faith that the state that sponsors these thugs will also hold them accountable.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen either.  One can dream though right?

State Sponsored Criminal Count 307: Jose E. Salgado


Because the real reason the TSA exists is to provide child molesters a way to get their rocks off in a legal manner.

Ear Worm Wednesday – 04/11/2012

Today is another from the dubstep realm.  This came across Pandora while getting copper fouling out of a barrel.

Dubstep does great to help keep a beat to get stuff done.  I’m not the only one who thinks so either.  For example this worked great since I was running patches through a barrel. Barnes CR-10 followed by Butches Bore Shine also really helped.

Justice – Genesis

The Knack

Via Kevin (Baker not Bacon) comes this awesome heartwarming story.

In this day where over zealous bureaucrats have largely outlawed lemonade stands it’s nice to see at least one kid who has figure out how to flip the bird to “The Man”.  He doesn’t have to worry about being busted on a technicality of a food handlers permit and it’s in his dads business.

Not to mention that kid’s creativity and ingenuity is just down right impressive and awesome.  As they started talking about the claw machine and how he made one from the limited materials he had on hand I realized something.  This kid has “The Knack” and I just hope he continues to foster and grow it.  For those of you who do not know what the knack is I give you Dilbert.

That kid has a fantastic ability to use the material he has on hand to make something that works.  I’m glad he was able to run his arcade for a full and eagerly awaiting crowd and I hope it inspires him to keep working.  Besides the video director was right, who wouldn’t buy a fun pass?  I normally have that kicking around my wallet and would buy one just as an A for effort!

It is also a strong reminder that while new technology, like any other tool, can be used for bad, it can also do some very awesome things that previously would not have been possible.

A big Bravo Zulu to Caine, don’t quit and keep it up.  I expect at some point in the future to hear about some whacky engineer someone works with that claims he made an arcade out of cardboard when he was growing up.  Not only that, but he actually had a large number of people show up to play.  Best part is though, Caine has the video to prove he did it!

Update: SSCC #277-White Plains

I previously reported about this incident here.  The autopsy report has been released.  Unsurprisingly the police lied.

The former Marine shot by cops in his apartment died from a single
bullet that entered his right arm and ripped through both lungs,
according to an autopsy report obtained by the Daily News.

This directly conflicts with the officers report:

“The report clearly shows that Mr. Chamberlain’s arm could not have been
raised in a threatening manner with a knife at the moment he was shot,”
McLaughlin told The News on Monday night.

Not to mention the report states that Mr. Chamberlain was advancing towards the police.  What we have here is some idjit who works for the police violated the 4 rules, did an ND, and then tried to cover it up.  That’s the best option because frankly those officers created this situation and it cost this Veteran his life.  No worries though because the department ruled that it was justified… Before the autopsy report confirmed their story, and ignoring that the officers actions created the situation.

Remember, there’s a reason I call this the state sponsored criminal count.

Know Why I Run the State Sponsored Criminal Count?

Via Uncle we have a perfect example of why I run the this thing.

The city police officer fired for a pattern of verbal abuse and making threats is trying to get his job back.

Patrolman Daniel Harless is proceeding with the arbitration process,
said Kristen Bates Aylward, an assistant city law director.

Yes that is the same Daniel Harless, Officer Roid Rage, that can be seen in the count at #7.  This man had a history of behaving like this and it was documented on video in at least three separate incidents.  Even with that behavior though he is attempting to be reinstated as a police officer.

Here’s what this whole roid-rage incident teaches the public.  This behavior is acceptable as long as it does not end up being distributed to the public.  Don’t believe me?  If OCC had not obtained a copy of the video and released it do you think anything would have happened to officer roid-rage?  He had two previously documented incidents and nothing happened.  There was a city councilman that attempted to come to his defense trying to justify his behavior.

His argument to the arbitrator is going to center around the fact that his dismissal was due to public pressure, not because he did anything wrong.  Think about that for a second.  The fact we found this piece of black toxic mold and shined a heavy UV light on him is a reason for him to remain.  For you see if it hadn’t been for that UV light he would have never been dismissed.  Never mind the following fact:

The incident was reviewed by an outside prosecutor who concluded
Harless’ actions weren’t serious enough to warrant criminal charges.

If you or I had done anything like that we would have gone to jail and spent a bunch of time in front of a judge.  If we escaped without jail time it would have been miraculous given the fact that we threatened and intimidated and individual, while armed.  The only difference between him and us is the fact that he is sponsored by the state.

Still think the majority of police departments want to weed out the bad eggs?  For the most part they’re forced into retaining them, because unless you do something really egregious, you’re just a state hired thug.

SSCC #306 – TSA

They’re back, this time with an interesting incident.

A TSA screener was arrested at JFK Airport for hurling a cup of hot
coffee at an American Airlines pilot who told her and some colleagues to
tone down a profanity- laced conversation in a terminal, sources said

From the description the conversation was anything but professional.  The pilot requested that they stop it, since they were in uniform and thus representative of their employer.  The agent was less that polite and when he attempted to grab her badge to get her name she responded with a face full of hot coffee.

This is completely unpossible though given the high caliber individuals the TSA hires for their character and high degree of professionalism.

The pilot didn’t escape this mess either though.

Trivett was not seriously injured. El, of Brooklyn’s East New York, was
given a desk-appearance ticket on harassment and misdemeanor-assault

Let that be a lesson to just let TSA agents do whatever the hell they want.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 306: Lateisha El

Because when you work for the TSA, professionalism takes on a whole new meaning.

via Uncle.

It Fell Off

So I spent this weekend trying to get equipment cleaned and ready to go for next week and Boomershoot.

First up was getting the IC706 wired up in the truck with the VHF antenna.  I did that first thing Saturday morning.  The current power supply source is temporary until my power poles arrive at which point it will be running off the 30A auxiliary switch.  I attached the faceplate to the dashboard with Velcro.


After I got it all hooked up I decided to head down the street to a gun shop I hadn’t been in yet.  Since it is only a block a way I felt that was some sort of sacrilegious act that I hadn’t gone yet.  Me being the lazy bastard I am, and more specifically wanting an excuse to play with my toy drove the truck.  Half way there it happened.  The face plate falls off, it falls off, if falls the frick off.  Not just the faceplate, but the new Velcro strip on the dash.  It appears that the adhesive on the strip sucks.  So I moved that strip to the center console in-between the seats.


The easier to operate when needing to do a lot button wise.  Later that night TMW informed me we have some Velcro with the industrial style adhesive.  I placed one of those on the dashboard and hit it with some heat from a blow dryer.  It’s not leaving the dashboard now.  Then as extra icing on the cake, the Moscow repeater was turned back on yesterday, it didn’t come back after a power outage recently.

While at the gun shop I found a few parts so I can hopefully do some optic rotations.  It actually had an amazing selection of toys.  I killed a bunch of time chatting with some of the guys and found a subject for future blog fodder.  It is serious and I need to do some investigation to get the details.

After I got home I started the process of cleaning for Boomershoot.  It’s going to be a long week.  Be advised, blogging may be spotty from here until after Boomershoot.  I will try and blog while on the road for the Jet Boat races.  I will have my camera with me so I’ll have pictures to post too.  I want to try and schedule some posts in advance except doing that for the count is a bit difficult unless I have everything done in-between.