It can happen anywhere, any time…

When I got to work this morning I hear the following story across the news wire (paraphrased because I currently couldn’t it in article form*):

A Moscow mother was told to get in a car by an unknown individual.  The mother had just dropped her child off at daycare when an individual approached and told her to get in his car.  She promptly drove off in her vehicle and notified police. The mother describe the vehicle as a maroon astrovan and there was a Hispanic woman in the front seat.

Now immediately I remembered what Moscow PD advised everyone yesterday after an armed robbery.

One of the radio reports has the cops telling us, after this
incident, not to fight back– to do whatever the criminals tell us to

In two day’s we’ve had two instances of people doing the exact opposite of this advice and the whole situation working out quite better for the victim.  If you’re not willing to fight to survive, so be it, but don’t tell me and mine that it would be better to be violated by a criminal than fight back. 

What if all the criminal wants is your life?  Once you’re handcuffed in the back of the van, your ability to fight back has been removed.  Fight, fight hard, and plan to win.  Fighting back is what the criminal doesn’t expect, that surprise can shift the initiative.  Lastly, if you’re going to die, the least you can do is take the son of a bitch with you, less he prey on some other victim in the future.

Lastly, as can bee seen from the incident, it is not always the expected type of attack.  They reiterated over the radio that is was a mother and not a child who was told to get in the van.  How many parents worry about someone trying to take them while dropping their kid off?  They don’t, they’re worried about the kid. 

(Red team hat, here’s where you all think of me as an evil sadistic bastard).  From an attackers perspective, this actually is a good plan.  The parent will basically be “target fixated” on their child and focused on protecting the child from any threats.  When you’re target fixated though, that’s when the bandits wing man sneaks up on your six and plugs one through your exhaust hole.  While you’re still situationally aware, the parent is likely ignoring things that are not a threat to the child, including the blind spot of the parent.

Red team hat off.  Pay attention, don’t think that your child is the only possible target.  Even if they were the target, take out the parent who may not have noticed you yet.  If you go down, you’re no longer able to help and defend your child.  Lastly, never give the SOB what he wants, give him his tribute in “hot lead” instead.

*I am going to keep my eyes peeled for an actual article.  I just couldn’t let the “give them what they want” slip by.

Quote of the Day -Jay G (4/24/2012)

“You carry a gun every day?” they ask incredulously? “You wear your
seatbelt every day?” I reply. It’s safety equipment – you don’t turn off
your smoke detectors because you don’t think you’ll have a fire today,
right? I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me; admitting that there is evil
in this world that can and often does strike at the vulnerable makes
folks uncomfortable, so they try to forget it exists and mock those few
that prepare for it.

JayGWhy Do You Carry A Gun?

April 23, 2012

[This fits my philosophy on the subject quite well.  I carry my gun for the unexpected.  A pistol is for the fight you don’t know is coming.  If I knew a fight was coming, I’d be grabbing my rifle.  It’s amazing how many people don’t seem to be able to connect the dot on the correlation with the above examples.  They’ll use their seat belt, they’ll make sure their smoke detectors are functional, but when it comes to carrying a defensive arm, that would never be needed.

I often will reply with, “do you have a fire extinguisher?”  Or “of course I do, have you tried carrying a cop around all day?”

The thing is, many of the bad things in life are statistically unlikely, it doesn’t mean that we should be ready in case we’re the poor bastard that pulled the wrong lotto ticket that morning. -B]

SSCC #312 – TSA

Here’s another one.

And a recent incident in Wichita,
Kansas has reinforced that argument, as a four-year-old girl was
apparently subjected to a humiliating ordeal after she hugged her
grandmother while she was waiting in line.

The girl was accused of having a gun and declared a ‘high security threat’,
while agents threatened to shut down the whole airport if she could not
be calmed down.

Seriously, I know exactly why that little girl was abused and assaulted.  Don’t try and argue that wasn’t the case because there’s a couple things you’re forgetting if you think the TSA was right.

  1. The TSA is A Security Theater.
  2. Their batting average in stopping actual threats is 0.
  3. Their employees have a history of being sexual predators and criminals.

On that last point, it isn’t just a history of preying upon adults either.  Children are more often than not prey for these sexual deviants.  If the cost of freedom is a little risk, so be it.  Frankly I’d rather have the option of ventilating some asshat screaming “Allah Akbar” trying to kill us all at 30 thousand feet than have my wife and children violated by a sexual deviant.  They don’t stop actual terrorists, they abuse the law abiding, and now they want to expand to harass you on the way to works?

Fellow bloggers say “Disband the TSA Yesterday”.  I am of the firm opinion that is too good for these jack boots.  I say a good application of tar, feathers, and a rail are all necessary for anyone who works for the TSA.

Some would say I’m wrong in that assessment and that not all TSA agents are bad.  To them I say this:

Not a single other agent in that airport attempted to stop those agents from assaulting and violating that scared little girl.

Not a single official has stated how that incident was wrong and a violation of her rights.

Not a single person did anything to stop it and the agents were allowed to work with impunity by intimidating and scaring others into their will.

Think about that for a second, every last one of those agents in that airport share responsibility and blame for what happened.  Give me a break that a 4 year old clinging onto her grandmother because she’s scared of a tyrannical government, and obviously rightly so, is reason to abuse her.  Anyone who attempts to justify that is nothing more than a pedophile attempting to justify the actions of their buddies.


State Sponsored Criminal Count #312: Every last TSA Agent in Wichita Kansas

Because when a small young girl is terrified of her government, that means that means she must be trying to kill everyone while screaming “Allah Akbar” right?

via Uncle

SSCC #310 & #311–Hays County

The attorney representing a former San Marcos policeman tells KVUE News that he is “outraged” that a grand jury indicted his client on a charge of deadly conduct following an incident on a county road last November.

It’s another example of unpossible since these are anointed individuals and properly trained. They would never fire indiscriminately during a road rage incident.  Except that’s exactly what happened here.

The attorney says Dan watched as the occupants of the vehicle tossed “beer cans or bottles” out of their vehicle. His attorney said at one point the SUV turned around at a dead end, and fearing for his life, Dan fired three shots at the vehicle’s tires, apparently missing the SUV. At that time Kathy Misiaszek arrived and in an attempt to stop the SUV, crashed into it.

Here’s an idea.  Since you’re in a private vehicle you leave it to those currently in uniform.  Not only that, but don’t pursue them into box and then use the fact they had to turn around to leave and an excuse of why you feared for your life.  You were in a vehicle, stay in it.  There’s a lot of questionable stuff it in, but the fact is they weren’t in uniform and should have waited for someone in uniform.  Instead they willfully escalated the situation knowing they could rely on qualified immunity.

State Sponsored Criminal Count 310: Kathy Misiaszek

311: Dan Misiazek

Because when you get sideswiped off duty, just shoot his ass when you have a good excuse.

If I Wanted America To Fail

Via Alan comes this video that is worth watching.  I’ll wait.

Every last one of those things is blatantly visible.  Some of the very young may not get the ice age problem discussed at the beginning so I am going to explain it because I remember it quite well.

When I was in about fifth grade during one of my classes they started pushing a lot of this environmental conservation crap.  The scare at the time was we were all going to freeze to death.  Seriously, I’m not joking, I’m not kidding.  17 years ago I was being instructed in how the horrors of civilization is going to create an ice age that freezes humanity.

When I came home from school and started telling this to my parents, they being the inquisitive type who were interested in what drivel the public school system was teaching their little child, my dad promptly explained that there was more going on.  Not only did he explain it, he found a book that addressed every single one of the “facts” I was being taught in my classes.  It was an eye opener to say the least as I read it.  Then when not even 10 years later I started hearing how we were all going to boil to death I realized what was going on.

Environmentalism is nothing more than modern day religion.  They use fear and guilt to control people, carbon credits are nothing more than a modern day penance.  Tell me, who produces a carbon credit and how?  Think about that long and hard.  It’s a way to funnel money and nothing more.

The lesson of all of this is the following, when someone is claiming the world is going to end if we don’t do “X”, inspect long and hard to figure out how they benefit from “X”.

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

So I drove home last night instead of today like I originally planned.  Currently the 30 gigs of pictures and video are being copied over to the file server so I can start writing up more detailed posts on this stuff.

First another quick note, the post I had previously on the 354 crash has just been updated.  I found video from their GoPro camera showing the wreck in the first person.  So go look at the end again if you want to check it out.

I got a nice video of a run on my safety boat from just below the time zone bridge back up to where we were stationed above the 9-11 rapid.

You can see there was a few times I stopped paying attention to the video camera and focused on taking the hits.  My whole body was a shock absorber.  I was standing and holding onto a rail within the cabin.  Here’s the view from up on the bridge.

So as for the trip home, here a few snippets in video form.  All that work and I didn’t get video of the end.  At the same time, trying to get video of the end could have easily given me up.

Now I’m going to go cook dinner.  I plan on resuming the count tomorrow night.  We’ll see what happens though because I need to clean up and pack up for Boomershoot.

In Which Mistakes are Made

So some of the drivers who’s main rigs were incapacitated modified some sport jet boats with roll cages to race today.  On the first leg we went from three to one boat.


It sank.  Thankfully it didn’t obstruct the course, though they did successfully pull it out tonight.  Here’s some of the pictures.


There were some other things comm related to today’s activities, but I am too pissed too talk about.  Praise in public, chastise in private.  The associated party will probably be hearing about it.  I was doubly pissed when I was informed that there wasn’t going to be a debrief about today’s communications.  I left my beefs and comments with three of the hams at the potluck with instructions to deliver the memo.

To give you an idea of how pissed off I am about it, I was damn near ready to pack it in and drive home tonight.  My job is safety, it is actually the job of everyone on my boat.  As stated in the safety meeting, ultimately flags are left to the discretion of the boat captain.  Someone on the shore thought he knew better what was going on, never mind the person not visible in the boat.  Never mind this is around the corner from the start and from the experience of the crew there are not flags at the start line to inform a boat it is starting under caution.  This individual who was not aware of what was going on felt it right for him to alter the flags and communicate while there was emergency traffic.  He then felt it necessary to also yell at the boat and crew with a bull horn while they were trying to do their job.

I and people like me are not here to risk life and limb, we am here to protect life and property.  If that means delaying the start until we get what we discover to be a stalled boat and safety boat off the course so be it.  As a note the navigator wasn’t visible to the safety boat as it approached.  Safety is first, and if the people I am working with can’t understand that I will not be participating again.  Most seem to understand that, but there are a few who don’t.  There was no reason to endanger that race boat or safety boat as no other boats had started and the accident was at the start line. If it had been at boat two the caution would have been more understandable.

If anyone associated with the World’s Jet Boat Races would like to talk to me about what happened, feel free to contact me.  I listened to it unfold on the radio and was a little annoyed, after I got filled in by the EMT and boat captain I became all out pissed.  So I’m going to hit the bar for a beer with the EMTs.  Today was a crap day, and the above wasn’t the only screw up, boat dispatch for the sinking boat was handled less than optimally as well. 

In Which I Prefer Pullman

So here I am in BFE Idaho, in a small town that is a blink of an eye as you drive through.  I have been open carrying for the most part unless I am wearing my coat or am wearing my staff shirt.

As I’m standing there talking with a couple hams an officer comes up looking for another officer, who actually happens to be a ham.  We start getting the info for who he’s looking for and I notice he looks at my right hip a couple times.  Immediately my brain locks on the cue.  Currently I’m not worried at all, I’m surrounded by people I know, many of whom are also currently carrying concealed weapons. It just so happens that I’m just the one who doesn’t give a crap about someone being upset by seeing me with a gun.

After a brief attempt to pull his partner up on the ham frequencies since his PD repeater failed the conversation goes something like this. (Officer’s words, my words)

Can I get you to untuck your shirt and cover up your sidearm?

Any particular reason? Open carry is still legal in Idaho right?

Yes, it is legal, but a lot of people have noticed (him) and it is making some of them uncomfortable.  I like that you’re carrying and I appreciate that you’re carrying, I just want to put people at ease.

(At this point I untuck again choose your battles wisely.)


A couple different observations.  First, out of all the time I have been carrying, no one has really said anything to me about it.  I know some people it does make them uncomfortable but how is this for a comparison?

Officer, that man over there is carrying a gun. I don’t like that and can you do anything about it?


Officer, that man over there is black.  I don’t like him being here and can you do anything about it?

What I was doing is perfectly legal and overall if people were noticing, he was just getting tired of having to calm the sheep.  In that case I sympathize.  I did discover though that the Sherriff for Idaho County is more of a FUD in that he doesn’t want people open carrying in cities when you drill down into it.  So couple that with what happened while I was carrying in town we are starting to see a possible narrative.

I will give the officer the benefit of the doubt for two reasons.  First he was civil and respectful.  He wasn’t in a “respect my authoritah” mode.  Secondly covering up created a new problem.  Technically without a permit wouldn’t be able to conceal carry.  He never asked to see my permit, even after switching to concealed carry.

Everyone I talked to that wasn’t there got a total laugh out of it though.  It’s freaking rural Idaho, everyone around here is carrying a gun!  I got the officers name but didn’t record it immediately there after.

Overall it was an interesting experience, doubly so for rural Idaho.  I have heard stories of Moscow PD abusing open carriers, but Riggins isn’t exactly huge.

So after getting through all that, here’s a race picture.


Sadly I clipped the nose off the boat otherwise that would have been one bad ass picture.  This boat is currently the only remaining turbine and the worlds leader.