Don’t Panic and Remain Calm…

So evidently a bunch of people on our side of the debate have gone into PSH and labeled Alan Gottlieb a traitor.

I dont trust ANY media, they lie…

But Allen Gottlieb, if this is true as stated, you suck moonbat dick. Fuck you. 

Never Compromise….. come fucking take them.

*blink*  Not to mention the other post hiding behind a login calling Gottlieb a traitor.  Seriously folks, are you that retarded and gullible.

First the primary source for your branding him a traitor is the Seattle Times which is notoriously anti-gun.  So your reactions have served to help cripple funding to one of the biggest legal branches we have to defeat legislation.  This is the principal man behind winning Heller and McDonald and you’re going to call him a traitor over what some liberal rag says.  Are you stupid?

This man thinks in terms of a long chess game. He doesn’t just think one or two moves ahead, he thinks well beyond what most of us can even readily comprehend.

There’s a couple of things everyone needs to realize.  First, our win is not guaranteed  look at New York.  Yeah they were blue, but look at how they accomplished it.  If the Peoples Republic of Puget Sound wants to push something through, we can try to hold them off but I will refer you back to the King Dome/Safeco Field incident.

Second given that a win is not assured, we must take actions and measures to either kill a bill or force an actual compromise.  The act of doing the latter can force the former.

It has become obvious though that the actions of our enemies has forced a wedge in-between us.  Many instead of using our heads instead brand our allies as traitors for no real good or solid reason.  Instead they believe false lies and misrepresented truths as well as labeling others as something they are blatantly not.

Tell me, what happens when you attack a friendly, especially a friendly who is out in front leading a charge?  You destroy his ability to continue to fight for you.  You destroy his ability to trust you for support.  You destroy his morale.

Going and publicly bad mouthing our supporters is nothing more than destroying those who support and fight for our cause.  You do so without actually knowing what’s going on and on the word of someone who wants to destroy you.

Here’s Alan’s statement:

First you should know that I do not support Washington House Bill 1588 as it is currently written.

My support for a state universal background check bill must include a substantial victory for gun owners that includes, but is not limited to repealing, prohibiting and destroying the current state handgun registration system and the data base of several million records of gun owners and their firearms that include the type of handguns and the serial numbers.

This would be a huge victory for our gun rights. We would be the first state to repeal a gun registration system. Think about that and what it means for your privacy as a gun owner and the fact that we all know historically that registration leads to confiscation.

In addition, if you have a carry permit you will be exempt from additional background checks. No checks would be required for transfers between family members. If you are a member of an organization like the Washington Arms Collectors that does a background check for membership, you would be exempt from additional checks to buy a firearm at their gun shows.

There are other inclusions that must be made as well that are good for our rights and freedom that need to be in a final bill to have my support.

My guess is that the gun grabbers will not go along with these provisions and kill the bill. If they do the “blood” so to speak is on their hands, not ours.

There are other smart, tactical, political and morally justified reasons why I have taken this position that I do not want to make public at this time. We do have enemies and I am not going to telegraph our strategy to them by spelling out our battle plans.

I enjoy winning our freedoms more than the fight. I wish I can say that about some of my critics who have pre-judged without knowledge what it is that I am doing.

Anyone who knows me knows that for the past forty years my efforts have expanded and protected our right to keep and bear arms from local city councils all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

Alan Gottlieb

As I said, this man is thinking not just tactically but strategically.

So tell me, who is the bigger enemy to freedom?

  • The guy thinking this through and has the ability to force a real compromise, one big enough the supporters may very well kill the bill?
  • The bunch of gullible idiots who believe half-truths and attack their own on the word of an enemy that wants to see them destroyed?

By all means contact Alan and voice your concerns, but I suggest you think long and hard about who you’re labeling a traitor.  Especially if your goal is to either kill the bill or get an actual compromise.  I’m here to tell you if I get something crammed down my throat, I want them to at least pay with something.

Our enemies want something for nothing.  That’s not happening anymore but if you just sit there in the corner and keep screaming and attacking those on your side, they may very well still get it.

h/t Phil

SSCC #531 – Albemarle County

A former local fourth-grade teacher and police officer will spend three years in prison for possessing child pornography, an Albemarle County circuit judge ruled Tuesday.

Both a teacher and a cop.  Often people talk as if bad things just can’t happen because we’ve done X or Y to prevent it.  The thing is, X or Y lowers the statistical likelihood but it never actually reaches 0.

He’s getting 2 10 year sentences, the majority of which is suspended.  Must be for all the good he did in the community.  Especially since some of the counts went all the way back to the 80’s.  While he wasn’t an active police officer, the counts appear to have started while he was a teach and an officer.

State Sponsored Criminal #531: Charles Farrell

Because some times just being a teacher isn’t enough, you just need that badge for an extra bit of authority.

*Odd, this was supposed to post yesterday but didn’t.

On Robb’s Lack Of Sunshine

So Robb made an interesting observation, one that I don’t entirely agree with.

Me? I see a lot of free guns from the hands of people who starved to death when they realized they can’t eat an AR15.

I don’t see that exactly coming to pass and Scott Adams puts it perfectly.


That’s the thing, just because you have food doesn’t guarantee your survival   Just because you have guns doesn’t guarantee your survival.  A will to survive and the necessary tools and training to do so on the other hand will be very hard to stop you.

Quote of the Day – RobertaX (2/25/2013)

Defending yourself is not a matter of “punishment.”  You’re not out to correct your assailant’s behavior, you’re wanting to stop it, as quickly and effectively as possible, with the least collateral damage.  Whatever does that is what you should do.

RobertaXPizza Robber Update
February 25, 2013

[I’ve never quite understood the method of thinking that ties self-defense into punishment.  Can I not kill someone until after they’ve killed me?  Is that the new standard now?  When it comes to rape then, can a woman only rape her assailant back after she’s been violated?  Why is she not allowed to stop the threat.  Yes some times stopping the threat does involve the assailant’s body reaching room temperature but that’s the risk of their profession.

You know how the assailant would still be alive?  By not attacking his intended victim.  Why is this so hard for some people to understand?

In the words of Malcolm Reynolds:

“I didn’t kill him, he killed himself. I just carried the bullet for a while.”

The criminal made his choice and in the middle of the crime the victim can, and should, do all that he can to protect himself and family.  Someone is threatening force against them and they are not and should not be required to be mind readers to determine if the threat is real or just words.  If you use something that looks like a gun in a threatening manner, it’s a gun, and I will not fault the individual who defends himself from you.

The criminal takes a risk that someone might defend himself, and if the criminal continues to fight even when presented with force being applied back from the victim,  the onus for the outcome lies squarely with the aggressor.  Stop blaming victims for the outcome of actions and choices made by criminals. -B]


For The Old Video Game Junkies Like Me

I grew up playing Super Mario so this is honestly just AWESOME!

Seriously, how awesome is that!?

Quote of the Day – Kathy Jackson (2/22/2013)

Like you, I want safer families and safer communities. Like you, I think it is appalling when bad people use firearms to do bad things. And like you, I want to see lower rates of violent crime and higher rates of good people staying safe. That is why I am a strong supporter of liberal laws in the area of concealed carry, and it’s why I am in favor of laws that improve the ability of ordinary people to protect themselves wherever they go. It’s also why I support the freedom to purchase and own firearms without a lot of bureaucratic tangles. Because I want good people to be safer, I support laws that make it easy for good people to protect themselves from violent crime.

Kathy Jackson“Reasonable” Restrictions

February 22, 2013

[Like Kathy, I don’t see anything “reasonable” about restricting a human right.  Heck, I’ve described it previously.  My care and concern is for the law-abiding.  More specifically the innocent who would be victimized. There is nothing “reasonable” about trying prevent these people from obtaining arms.

Many look at 1588 and consider it reasonable.  The more I think about that bill, the more I become very concerned and very afraid.  The burden of proof will be on the seller that he complied with the law.  It will be nothing more than a gotcha used when they want to hang you but cannot find something else.  There are some serious problems with it and on the surface it sounds like a good law.  No law-abiding person wants to just hand a firearm over to someone who is prohibited.

My problem is instead of creating a tool to help those people perform that function, they have created a method to hang that citizen should the government ever feel like doing so.

They could easily indicate on people’s drivers licenses, which are renewed every 5 years, whether someone is a prohibited person.  Do it on EVERY license.  Make this valid instead of the NICS check as well, which would be much like the Idaho CPL in Idaho.  You have now alleviated federal burden and created a tool to help every citizen in keeping guns out of the hands of prohibited people.

Now what happens if the persons status changes?  The state confiscates the old license and issues a new one.  What about those without license, Washington has state issued ID as well, not to mention most owners would become weary of those who refuse.  Could bad guys still forge a license or the endorsement?  Yeah, but it’s merely a tool to help and you’re not going to hang someone who honestly intends no harm in the process.

It’s a crime to knowingly transfer a firearm to a prohibited person.  You have given an extra tool to the citizen to verify that person isn’t prohibited   The fact it is on everyone’s license prevents a registry.  The biggest issue is those who don’t have a license or state ID, it honestly shouldn’t be required to exercise a human right.  I view this mainly as a tool to help honest people and most people can easily exercise good judgement and currently they do for the most part.  No legal requirement to check, this prevents the catch-22 of placing bureaucratic onus on the seller, but having it there most people will do the right thing.  Heck, honest buyers will pull it out just to prove they’re good to go.  No need to record anything, no need to write it down.  It’s merely a tool to aid an honest transaction.  Yup, you have the stamp of approval and you’re old enough and you’re in state.  We’re set.

Instead our elected representatives our creating a bureaucratic mess that we will have to maintain to prove our innocence.  They aren’t interested in improving safety or helping the law-abiding do the right thing.  No, all they want is another law they can use to hang a gun owner with when they feel like it. -B ]


Today’s Lesson In Manufacturing

Via a friend I discovered these two videos on 22 rim-fire manufacturing.  It’s doubly neat to me since this is factory is quite literally down the hill from me.  Some of the regulars at the matches work for ATK as well.

Neat and educational.

SSCC #530–Brooklyn

MICHAEL JACCARINO, THE BOOZY BROOKLYN PROSECUTOR who nearly killed an FDNY EMT last November was sentenced to 10 grueling days of community service yesterday (Wednesday) after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor reckless assault charge for assaulting EMT Theresa Soler in the back of an ambulance while she was attempting to treat him.  At a pre-settled plea bargaining agreement, the sentencing hearing yesterday was perfunctory as the judge ordered Jaccarino to perform the community service, complete an alcohol program and submit a dna sample.

Ambulance Driver puts it better than I possibly could.

State Sponsored Criminal #530: Michael Jaccarino

Because when you’re a member of the state and a prosecutor, you can do whatever the hell you want to whoever the hell you want and overall, no one is really going to stop you.*

*No wonder the legislators and law-enforcement of New York want to disarm it’s citizens.