Washington State, Good News and Bad News

So most people have heard by now that atrocious “Assault Weapons Ban” has been killed off.  Do not believe any of the lies the sponsors are feeding now that it’s been uncovered it would destroy the 4th amendment as well.  This is the same bill they introduced in 2009.  What does scare me though is the number of people who weren’t even aware of 5737 and actually asked me if I was kidding when I mentioned it.

So the good news is we stopped that piece of horrible legislation from moving forward.  The bad news is Bill 1588 is moving forward.  It was passed through the House Judiciary Committee with the support of a Republican.

Rep. Mike Hope – From Lake Stevens

If you live in his district, I highly suggest you make sure that he is not re-elected.  He has shown what he thinks of you and your right to keep and bear arms.  The only way a law such as this could be enforced is through universal registration, and never mind the additional burden to federal services.

A right delayed is a right denied and that’s exactly what they would do by forcing everything through NICS.  Make no mistake about this folks, there are simple things they could do to aid honest law-abiding people keep guns out of the hands of criminals as well as improving the load on the Federal system.  Instead they decide to attack the innocent and criminalize them.  Instead they do everything they can to prevent the law-abiding from being able to easily and effectively obtain arms.  Make no mistake about the problems behind background checks.

What happens when I loan a friend a side arm for a USPSA match because his broke?  What happens when another friend wants to use my AR for a coyote hunt and I’m not going to be there?  The whole system is nothing more than a sham to destroy the ability for gun owners to be able to freely associate and exchange firearms.  Tell me, if I know Bob and Bob has firearms, why can I not let him borrow one of my firearms?  Yes this type of BS background check legislation serves to criminalize exactly that type of incident.

Start ringing the rules committee, hopefully we can kill it there.

Quote of the Day – Oleg Volk (2/21/2013)

Sharing skills that a prospective partner lacks makes them more independent. That, in turn, makes the relationship more honest. A person who doesn’t strictly need you for a meal ticket or protection but chooses you anyway is more likely a true love. By contrast, politicians need dependent voters and foster learned helplessness with their policies.

Oleg VolkIndependent Women
February 13th, 2013

[In case it isn’t fully apparent, let me also use the other way Oleg presented this.


Image By Oleg Volk.
A Picture is worth 1000 words.

We’ve had a pile of politicians lately showing their true colors towards independent women as well as their overall lack of respect for them, Jay G even has a nice list of different statements showing the truth and hypocrisy of their behavior.

All the women in my life are very independent and frankly, I’d rather keep it that way.

I’ve mentioned before why I get angry, that however didn’t even touch on the fact that I see that same type of behavior as attempts at enslavement and forced dependence.  When someone argues you or some class of people shouldn’t have access to arms, be them students, women, blacks, or any other discriminatory measure, know they mean to make that class dependent, not independent.

It’s all a matter of trust in the end and they don’t trust you. -B]

SSCC #529 – Frederick County

Disturbing barely begins to describe this incident.

Bailey says he died after resisting arrest by three deputies at a Frederick movie theater. An employee had called police because Saylor wouldn’t leave his seat after a movie.

Bailey says Saylor cursed at the deputies. She says he became medically distressed while they were escorting him in handcuffs from the theater.

The victim in question had down syndrome.  Instead of using their brains, they immediately resorted to force and killed a mentally disabled man, in this case over the price of a movie ticket.

Have no fear though folks because this is how the department is handling the situation.

Meanwhile, all three deputies remain on regular duty.

I’m reminded of this particular incident out of Spokane.  Not to mention this incident where  police assaulted a mentally handicapped boy while ignoring the statements of both the parents and neighbors.

Here comes the problem.  At what point should you intervene if you see something like this happening?  Many would say, “Not my problem” and you’re inviting a legal battle against you, but at the same time we should work to protect the weakest in society, especially from the current thugs that seem to take pleasure and joy in killing them for sport with government protection.*  That’s why they’re working so hard to kill their hesitation right?  With officers like these fine people here not to mention others like this, it’s no wonder the State of Maryland is fighting so hard to keep it’s citizens from actually being able to get concealed weapons permits.

State Sponsored Criminal #529: The Frederick County Police Department

Because by all means use force in such a manner as to cause the death of someone over a nothing more than a movie ticket.

*If they weren’t taking pleasure and joy in it, they would be in jail awaiting trial at a minimum of manslaughter if not murder.  Not to mention they would be permanently fired from their jobs.

h/t Bonnie

A Lesson About Safe Storage Devices

So I have seen this before but I figure it’s a nice refresher.

Note the results, still think those little boxes you see will keep your property safe?  Especially those quick access boxes some end up buying when they’re stuck in one of those states lacking in freedom and pushing tyranny.  Still think the arguments are really about your safety or preventing theft?

If you think curious kids can’t figure out how to pick a lock, you obviously never saw me as a child.  I figured out how to pick locks at first just with paper clips.  Making my own tension fork and rake to pop simple locks.  Eventually I got my hands on a real set.  Yeah, beyond a real safe and educating your children, you’re not going to do much other than increase curiosity.

So consider this a public service announcement and a warning.  If you’re using any of these items, be damn sure of their capabilities and weaknesses.  In so doing, be sure to use them in a manner consistent with their abilities.  I happen to fully agree with the presenters final conclusions.

Ear Worm Wednesday 2/20/2013

If you don’t like Celtic Irish punk… I don’t care, my Irish roots love it.

Dropkick Murphys – Rose Tattoo

SSCC #528–Harris County

Lonnie Blevins was an investigator for Harris County involved in the case of lawyer Anthony Chiofalo, who was charged last May with bilking his employer out of $9 million.

In the course of the case, authorities seized Chiofalo’s high-priced comics and other collectibles — including a first-edition Batman comic book worth about $900,000 and an original Green Lantern comic valued at $300,000.

But after a months-long federal investigation, Blevins was arrested in the disappearance of some of those assets which he allegedly sold.

How nice, worked in the prosecutors office and stole property seized in a case.    Best part is, as much as they were worth, he got ripped off big time as he made the sale.

State Sponsored Criminal #528: Lonnie Blevins

Because when you work for the DA, steal someone else’s property that’s been stolen by the state and make a buck.

via Bob S.

Joe Biden is Running His Mouth Again

So our illustrious Vice President made another stupid statement today proving he knows absolutely squat regarding firearms, usability, self-defense, and legal use of force today.

“If you want to protect yourself, get a double-barreled shotgun.” “You don’t need an AR-15, it’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use,” he stressed.

“I said, ‘Jill, if there’s ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, put that double-barreled shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house,’” he said, and urged viewers, in closing, “Buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun!” 


Oh my word, where do I start with all the problems in just those few little lines.

First and foremost, unless you are the Vice-Presidents wife who gets automatic State Sponsored Criminal status when doing something stupid, do not do what he recommends.  Firing a warning shot is a great way to end up in prison.  Firing at people outside your house, again not the brightest of ideas.  And the idea that the AR-15 is harder to use and a shotgun is easier is false.  In so many way’s it’s actually not that funny.

Let’s just look at it straight from the math point of view of recoil shall we.

  • A Benelli Eagle II firing 12 gauge 1 1/8 oz loads is approximately 22 ft-lbs of recoil.
  • An AR-15 is approximately 3.2 ft-lbs of recoil.

Tell me, which one of those is more manageable to shoot and use?  Also note the example shotgun is semi-auto which will lower the recoil as well.  Not to mention there’s a lot of design in that shotgun to lessen the recoil compared to your standard double barrel.

Moving forward, part of his argument is that shot spreads meaning you don’t need to be as precise with your aim.  Tell me, are you going to be shooting 25 yards in your house?  Maybe if you had a mansion like Joe you’d get that kind of range but for the most part most houses aren’t big enough to pattern.  Further each shot throws 8 projectiles into the wild, 8 projectiles you are responsible for what it hits.  So in his 2 shots he fires 16 projectiles yet he would restrict my magazine capacity to 10 shots.

So I need some help.  I am looking for a volunteer in the Palouse area, preferably female.  The requirements are as follows:

  • General lack of familiarity with firearms.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Willing to be recorded for a response to Biden’s lies. (See below for details.)

I will not be tossing you behind a double barrel shotgun, my shoulder gets that honor.  No instead you will get free general firearms safety training, along with a 1 minute intro into the AR-15 platform and it’s use.  That training and a short course immediately after is what will be recorded for the response to Biden’s lies.  There is no requirement to interview or give your opinions though that would be appreciated.

Further I will provide a rifle and ammunition to attend local Appleseed event.  I’m also more than willing to pay for you to get the necessary training for you to obtain your Idaho, Utah, Oregon, or Arizona concealed pistol license if you are interested.

If you are interested or know of someone who might be interested, please contact me.

I see a business opportunity…

So it appears that the powers that be think that it is necessary to train with the following types of targets:


Sadly this type of crap isn’t a joke and it’s down right real.

I just had an epiphany though.  Someone needs to make some Jack-Booted Thug targets.  Not just jack-booted thug targets but also some generic corrupt police officer targets.  Targets such as:


We can keep moving forward though.


The state keeps working on increasing the rift between us and them.  They apparently feel the need to train to shoot pregnant women and children, so why not train for the reality that you may need to shoot a corrupt police officer that has no problems with killing you.  Doubly so since he will be protected by “qualified immunity”.

Remember how often they use force when it’s unnecessary.  Just look at the recent incident with the LAPD.  Why are they training to be more willing to use force against the weakest in society?  If they seem to think that everyone under the sun is their enemy, why should we think that any of them could still possibly be friendly?

If they’re going to train to kill us all and let god sort it out, why aren’t we doing the same?**

h/t Kevin Baker.

**Note I’m not condoning violence against police officers, but they sure are condoning violence against us.